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We won’t show you what we managed to achieve using Adult Video Blaster, that wouldn’t be fair because we are in this business for over 6 years and our results are not typical. Instead we want to show you some results obtained by the members who got their hands on AVB when we first released it.

Without any experience in this niche, most of our private access members managed to get some awesome profits by using Adult Video Blaster and the Tube Upload method.

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The answer is simple..

AVB can increase leads and traffic by 500%. That’s 5 times more revenue for you, without doing any work!

It really is the No. #1 Choice for Adult Webmasters and here are the 4 key features..

Multiple account support

AVB supports multiple accounts for the top 5 adult video directories.

Track views and position

Manage your video lists with ease. Track the current views and search positions for all uploaded videos.

Built-in video editor

Automatically add watermark or append an intro video. No more wasting time editing videos the old way!

Multiple tube sites

1 Click and start uploading to pornhub, gotporn, xvideos, txxx, youporn, spankwire, redtube and more…

circle1Mass Upload On All Major Tube Sites!

Uploading videos has never been easier. With the multi threaded technology, Adult Video Blaster will let you upload multiple videos, on multiple accounts, all at the same time with just one click (this is not an exaggeration).

What Are The Supported Platforms?

The adult sites integrated in Adult Video Blaster are pornhub, xvideos, gotporn, youporn, txxx, spankwire, redtube and gotporn. 80% Of all adult traffic come from this websites. Focus on quality instead of quantity and you will see better results in your adult campaigns.



AVB has everything you need…

One of the most despised tasks when dealing with videos is video editing. This is very time consuming, and it needs to be applied to each video that will be uploaded. Adult Video Blaster was created so you can drop this task and let you focus on the important stuff.

AVB will help you add a text or image watermark, cut time from the start or end of the video or even append an intro video.

All this with one click. Adding an appealing intro video can increase your conversions by up to 300%. Don’t take our word for it and give it a try manually!

Custom watermark position

You can select to place the watermark in any corner of a video

Fast video encoding

It’s all about speed, and AVB edits a video faster than any other video editor

Append an intro

Start boosting your conversions by appending an intro video

Cut some time

Make your video shorter by cutting time from the start of end

Mass Import And Schedule

Uploading videos manually and setting the description, title, tags and categories for each and everyone of them takes ages. Here is where AVB comes in.
You can write an import file, with all the required video details, for multiple videos at a time. All you have to do after this is start importing in Adult Video Blaster and then start uploading in mass, to your accounts.

Start scheduling your videos!

That’s right, you can add your videos, split them in a given time frame and let Adult Video Blaster do the rest for you. It’s a set and forget method that will speed up your uploading process.

Just Take A Look To See How Easy It Is To Manage Your Adult Video Uploads Using Adult Video Blaster

What Are The Main Features Of AVB?

Check them out bellow and you will understand why this is the undisputed number one adult uploader!

Frequently Asked Questions


What makes AVB so good?

Uploading adult videos on the major tube sites is an evergreen method. But unfortunately doing this takes time, a lot of time.

With AVB you can add 1 video, duplicate it and upload it to as all the major tube sites. Before the upload process you can event automatically add watermark or append an intro to your video!


Can I use proxies?

Yes you can! AVB was designed to work with the top tube sites, and with multiple accounts at a time. In case you will use multiple accounts at the same time, for the same platform, we recommend using private https proxies.

AVB also integrates HMA VPN and dynamic PPOe connections.


What are the System Requirements for this software?

Adult Video Blaster works on Microsoft Windows® platform. It runs on Windows Xp, Server, 7,8, 8.1 and 10 (both 32 and 64 bit). We recommend at least an Intel i3 CPU and 4GB of memory, especially if you also want to edit the videos.

If you want to run on Mac, you need to use Windows virtual machines like Parallels or Vmware.


How do I update?

We release constant updates. Whenever a problem appears we usually fix it within 24 hours and release a new update. An auto-update is implemented in Adult Video Blaster so you are 100% sure you are up to date.
Simply closing and reopening the software will prompt the auto-update to start.

Still Not Convinced Of The Power Of AVB?

Here Are A Few Testimonials From Users That Use The Software

Tyrell Anders

I never tried this niche before using Adult Video Blaster. After I read the method provided by this guys I started seeing great results. Only a few weeks of using AVB and I already banked over 100$!

Before this I couldn’t manage to make more than 50$/month with other methods like CPA/PPD. Thanks a lot for an awesome product!

Razciuc Alex

I am in the adult niche for quite some time and I really needed a software to automate all my uploads. In the past I used a software that promised similar functions as AVB, but I was deeply disappointing.

I am glad to say that AVB works as advertised, I am now watermarking and adding my intros with no hassle. Also, I manage all my videos views and ranking directly from AVB. This software is a huge time saver and I already seen a huge boost in traffic.

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