One of the most important tasks you need to realise when you are promoting content into the web is to optimise it to get visits from the search engines, but in an industry so competitive as the adult industry some times it is difficult to separate the noise from the signal, so in order to write this article with original content we analysed more than 800,000 videos from xhamster to see what are some of the things they have in common to attract visitors, here are our discoveries


Titles are one of the most important elements SEO wise, nevertheless what are the titles that gets the most attention? What are the keywords that are used in the most popular videos? It is clear that everybody wants to rank for words like “sex” or “women” but is there other keywords you can use in your adult marketing campaigns to get more views, more visitors and at the end more sales?

xhamster video title analisis

There were too many videos so basically we ordered by the number of views, these are the top top titles in descending order:

1 italian mom and son’s friend (9 million views)

2 oops accidental nudity and more on tv compilation (9 million views)

3 arab hijab sex (8 million views)

4 my stepmother in the kitchen early morning (7 million views)

5 bbw my gir (7 million views)

6 the mom was never able to do patience 2 (6 million views)

7 hot summer hot hot mo (5 million views)

8 big black dick fuck skinny white teen nv (5 million views)

9 mom boy vintage (5 million views)

10 moms sexual adventures (5 million views)

You can see that the term mother and the incest insinuations are continuous, the bloopers issue or the “accidental” term it is in the second place, so the terms that are linked to the curiosity are present in the titles, everything mother related, step mother and milf related are relevant.


The description is an important part of your seo efforts as well, and because it can be longer than the title it is vital to use it correctly and write an original description for each one of the videos you are uploading, it can be used to re enforce the keyword you are trying to rank for in the title or to give more context to your video and make easier to the search engines to rank and position your videos, once that has been explained here are the terms we discovered are the ones included in the most viewed videos from the sample we analysed.

adult video marketing description analisis

Adult Video Blaster Analysis


Many of the terms have a single phrase, and there are others that are an entire description with a call to action, here are the top 10 most viewed descriptions from the videos analysed.

1 enjoy (75 millions)

2 wow (75 millions)

3 If you want to watch my sexy videos… (56 millions)

4 ENJOY (47 millions)

5 turkish (40 millions)

6 blondelover (40 millions)

7 plx (29 millions)

8 Vintage (26 millions)

9 xXx (26 millions)

10 Fucking a lucky guy (26 millions)

We can see that some descriptions have a single word and that some of the words are repeated in different patterns, but words such as enjoy, nice, pls should be used because we can see there is success when added, full calls to actions to go and visit your site or to know more about the star on the video seems to be another good option, the description is a underutilised area many times but it gives a lot of important information to the search engines (like google yahoo and the search engines within the tubes) to show your video when people are looking for specific stars or to give more accurate recommendations, then you have some ideas here about what type of descriptions are the ones who got the most views.

Video Tags

This is one of the most misunderstood elements on the video optimisation process, If your video were a book, the categories would be the chapters and the tags will be the themes within that chapter, now in this case it could be the name of the porn star of the video, the fetish on the video, the positions etc… And in general they are used to help recommend videos to the users, so here are the tags that are used in the videos with the most views.

Video tags

1 Shemales (966 millions)

2 Amateur (711 millions)

3 Men (667 millions)

4 Matures (549 millions)

5 Gays, Men (540 millions)

6 Gays (503 millions)

7 Vintage (339 millions)

8 Asian, Japanese (316 millions)

9 Mature, Milfs Old+ (258 millions)

10 Grannies, Matures, Olds, (223 millions)

The tags tell a very interesting story, the shemale tag seems to be the most popular by far, but the mature tags (mature, milf, old, grannies) seems to be another incredible popular niche as well as the gay market, specifically gay man, using some of these tags in the proper way may help you to put your content in front of more people due the fact that your video can be recommended to a bigger audience.

Most repeated titles.

We all know that seo wise the content needs to be original, but this is only if you are looking to rank in the search engines like google, bing and yahoo nevertheless analysing what titles are the ones that are repeated the most withing the tube may help you to understand what titles keep working (that is why people keep using it) and to write certain variations from those titles to still be attractive to the viewer and the search engines, here are the most repeated titles from all the videos that were analysed.

Most repeated titles xhamster

1 masturbation (744)

2 cu (727)

3 cumsho (715)

4 cumming (472)

5 me cumming (428)

6 blowjob (416)

7 amateur (396)

8 my cock (360)

9 tribute (341)

10 ana (316)

Most voted titles.

One interesting question we tried find and answer to was which are the most voted titles?, this was important because they may not be the ones with the most views BUT the people who watched them liked them enough to click on the “like” button and that may give you a good idea about people who will be more prone to type your domain on the search engines or make the action you are inviting them to take on your video, and here are the results of the most liked videos:

Most voted xhamster titles

It seems that people into mature porn and ethnic porn are the ones who will take the time to like their videos way more than any other type of visitor.

How to use all this information with Adult Video Blaster?

The most important part of all this information is to be able to use it in your video campaigns, so what we did was to automatically add seo features to the software so you can take advantage of this, create a file so you can explore it and a detail manual to implement it, get it when buying AVB or with a free trial license, click the button below to get itAdult Video Blaster Analysis